Strength For Today…

Variegated Ti PlantToday I just read several articles about very bad situations that people have gone through. It is still very clear in my mind the most recent tragedies that have been reported in the news and around the world. Even in conversations with others keep hearing about difficult events occurring in the lives of many. It is so easy to get pulled down by all the hardships and sadness that are very real. Most of the time it makes what you are currently going through seem light in comparison. So what do we do? Just give up and throw our hands in the air in surrender.

The answer to that question is definitely not.

Quitting is not an option! Hang in there; hang tough.

The times that you are strong, be strong for someone else. The times that you are weak, there will be someone to help you through. Life at certain stages is tough. Evil, issues and hard occurrences will always be present. But in addition, there is goodness, blessing and peace. Sometimes we have to look a little harder to find it. Sometimes it may not look like what we expected it to. Sometimes it may be so obvious that we miss it. My prayer today is that we find exactly what we need, to do exactly what is needed in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

Lord, bless us with strength for today!!

Wonderful God Almighty, thank You for being so great. Thank You for being the very thing we need. There are so many directions we can go, but You are right there with us. Whether things are good or not so good, Lord You help us. Oh, how I wish it could be like it initially was in the Garden of Eden. But it’s not, and things are not perfect or always very nice. Give us the strength Lord for each day and all that will be before us. Help us to see the good in every situation. When it is a tough, rough, challenging time, let us grow stronger and wiser from it. Help us to not become bitter, indifferent, cold or callous.

Let us always shine forth and reflect Your glory.

You do such wonderful things in the earth. Your handiwork is incredible. Love it when You show up in the actions of others through their warmth and kindnesses. The beauty of nature is Your hand print. Oh, that we could see past the negative and embrace the positive. Lord, sometimes that is so much easier said then done. While things are well with us it is easy to wear a smile on our faces, but when the dark clouds roll in over us the smile dissipates. Struggle sets in; worry and anxiety swell in our hearts; moods change, words sometimes become sharp, short and curt. In these times Lord, revive us; lift our spirits up from the circumstance and raw emotion and help us to rise above it all. Help us to keep moving forward; help us to never think of giving up or letting go. Place a new resolve down in our hearts; a determination that we can get through whatever life presents to us.

Father, You’ve given us provision and encouragement in Your Word to help us and lead us. You’ve even given us examples in the lives of men and women who have gone through things from A to Z. Let us lean on Your wisdom and understanding. Let us seek what You have for us. Let us be victorious in You in that we can be victorious in our lives.

Pour out blessing on Your people. Let good come out of every situation no matter how dark and drear it may seem to be. You are capable of the impossible. Let the kindnesses of people radiate from one heart to another. Release Your goodness and mercy. Allow it to manifest itself through people who have and are willing to give and provide for people who do not have. Not just in finances or materially, but Lord in very tangible supportive ways. Pour out knowledge and information that would bring forth change and invention that would be for the good of all. Release in every individual the potential that You have deposited inside to make a difference right where they are. Let no one feel as if they are insignificant or what their life holds is unimportant. Silence the voice of discouragement and depression. Help us to be who You created us to be in this world.

With each new day, Lord bless us to meet it with the mindset that we’ll do our best to make it through…sunshine or rain!

Let us feel Your presence and let encouragement fill our hearts.

In Jesus’ name, I humbly pray…Amen!!!!!

Thank You Lord, for Your listening ear…where words, phrases and grammar don’t matter. Just the importance of coming to You. You already know exactly what is on our hearts and what it is we are trying to say …and You listen anyway!!

I appreciate the time, space and desire to come before You and offer “Petals of Prayer…”


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